Cars in a Parking Lot

Parking Information

Please remember to obey the instructions of the crossing guard. For more information please visit Drive Smart BC or the Government of BC Motor Vehicle Act

Please remember to follow the posted signs when parking and dropping off and picking up students.  City bylaw officials will be stepping up to enforce the bylaws as they have had numerous complaints from our neighbors.

If you are unfamiliar with the parking and stopping bylaws please visit the City of Abbotsford Parking Bylaws webpage.

We are a large dual track school which can sometimes create traffic congestion.  We have a parent/visitor lot that accomodates approximately 45 vehicles and a drop off / pick up only circle.  There are also a number of parking alternatives such as:

  1. Laburnum Avenue on the other side of the light
  2. Sandy Hill Crescent is available near the catwalk
  3. McKinley Road has some parking available
  4. Old Clayburn Road north across from Kootenay as well as south on Old Clayburn are some areas to park.

There is no parking zone on Sandy Hill Road (right across from the school). We would also appreciate if parents who are dropping off children in the drop off zone, drop and go so we can keep the traffic flowing.  Note that this is not a stopping/parking zone.
The staff parking lot is for staff only.  Please do not stop, park or walk through the staff parking lot as some staff are arriving or leaving at the bell as well.
Remember that convenience is secondary to the safety of our children.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Bus Lane / Drop Off Pick Up

Please remember that the bus lane for quick drop off and pick up is provided to parents as a courtesy. Your child should be able to independently exit the vehicle and have their backpack ready with them in the vehicle. We request that you do not block the entrance or back up onto the road and if you are asked to move your vehicle by a bus driver or staff member, please do so. Following these simple rules will help traffic flow and minimize traffic backing up onto the street.

  • Pull as far forward as possible and when appropriate, continue to pull forward if you are waiting for your child/children. If there is not a spot for you to stop at the curb, please continue to circulate or find a legal parking spot in our visitor lot or around the neighborhood.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Please do not stop in the drive thru lane to pick up or drop off students as it is a very dangerous practice.
  • Please ensure that your child or children are exiting the vehicle on the sidewalk side and not into the drive thru lane.

If your child(ren) require assistance getting in or out of the vehicle or gathering their items, please use our visitor parking lot or any of the surrounding parking alternatives.