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News: Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Reading Link Challenge

During our school reading challenge on Feb. 28, 36 grade 4 and 5 students gathered in the multi-purpose room to participate in the FVRL Reading Link Challenge.  Each team of 6 students represented one of our intermediate classrooms.  These students formed a book challenge team and read 6 books over 12 weeks.  In this time, students were given the opportunity to enjoy healthy competition in a collaborative group.  The program supported student appreciation of literature, reading retention, comprehension, and problem-solving. 

The competition was stiff and challenging.  In fact, there was a 4-way tie for second place! Eventually, the team from Mrs. Grieve’s class, “less sleep, more books”, prevailed and made it to the FVRL round on March 6 at the Clearbrook Library.  They gave it their all but were defeated by a team from Dr. Thomas Swift Elementary. 

What a wonderful opportunity to partner with the public library and get students excited about books!