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School Programs

Aboriginal Education

First Nations students attending Sandy Hill Elementary experience high levels of success. This can be attributed to many reasons, including close home/school relationship, academic support and cultural enrichment activities.

  1. Home School Connections includes: ongoing communication, open door policy in the school and Ab. Ed room, district and school based family gathering.

  2. Academic Support includes: small group instruction, high school reading tutors, after school homework, student mentors, teaching assistant support, scholarships for 'Read and Rec' summer program...  The Grade Four Social Studies program included: soapstone carving, Inuit Culture, baked bannock measurement, Stol:lo fishing tools and implements, Stol:lo tools and implements, First Nations Government past and present, Salish Weaving and Cedar.

  3. Cultural Enrichment includes: variety of cultural art projects,  sharing circles, presentation, field trips, Salish Weaving, Tipi presentation, after school art group, storytelling