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Any volunteer in our school must obtain criminal record check clearance.

The Ministry of Justice has regulations requiring ANY volunteer who comes near or works around children to complete a criminal record check, regardless of the time spent working near or around them. This requirement involves a Criminal Record Search, valid for 5 years, which will include a Vulnerable Sector Search.  You must have criminal record check clearance in order to volunteer.

The reason for this is to ensure the safety of our students at all times regardless of a position or purpose. This means that all volunteers must obtain the same CRC clearance as employees.  If you are planning to volunteer on a field trip, in a classroom, in the library, handing out hot lunch, to read, or to help in any way you will require a criminal record check completed.  These will be valid for 5 years. If you have a CRC done already your organization can share it with the Abbotsford School District through the government process but you still must go to the School Board office with your identification. 

How to Complete a Criminal Record Check?

First please advise the school office that you would like to be added to the list of volunteers.

CRC Process Option 1: Visit the Abbotsford School Board office at 2790 Tims Street with your two pieces of ID (see below) and tell them that you are a volunteer and which schools you are affiliated with. They will request that you complete a form and will submit it to the CRRP for processing.

CRC Process Option 2 (Online): Volunteers may complete the online CRC form.  You will need to access the following website:  There are specific requirements to be eligible to use the online process (found online at the link) and an access code is required.  Please email so we can verify that you have been added to the list of volunteers and we will provide the access code if you are wishing to complete a CRC this way.

With both processes the School Board office will receive the results and will advise the individual schools.

Already have a criminal record check completed?

If you already have a criminal record check through the CRRP (Criminal Records Review Program) which was completed within the past 5 years and has the same clearance to work with the same population, then you could request your organization share it with the school district. 

More information on sharing CRC’s can be found here :

Thank you for your cooperation and support!  

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