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Meet the 2020/2021 Executive!

Keery Kamstra - Chair
Julia Christiansen - Secretary
Stephanie Fuller - Treasurer
Tina Hansen - DPAC rep

Email :

PLEASE join us at our next PAC meeting.
April 27th
Meeting ID: 611 5529 1613
Passcode: 3x$2d%ps

Help us be relevant and intentional in the lives of the Sandy Hill students!! Your opinion counts!!!
Save the date! Upcoming PAC meetings are:

May 25th
Meeting ID: 610 8044 6920
Passcode: 7u@cY%Ge

June 22nd
Meeting ID: 689 8260 2335
Passcode: 8A#ei1At

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Sandy Hill PAC Facebook Page

Learn more about ongoing PAC fundraisers!

Looking to volunteer? Email for current opportunities.