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News: Friday, March 8th, 2019

Physical Education Update


We have concluded our skipping unit and all students have experienced the "JUMP OFF" and have observed the Abbotsford Rope Works skipping club in action.

Donations for the BC Heart and Stroke Foundations will still be accepted for a week at Just join Sandy Hill Elementary if you are interested.

Also, some students have requested information about the Abbotsford Rope Works club as they were interested in joining. You can find more information about the club at or email Kourtni at



Grade 5 basketball teams have finished their regular season but are anticipating the tournaments to be held at Bateman schools March 11th (girls team) and 12th (boys team). A big thank you to our teacher coaches Mrs. Fetterly, Mrs. Harrison,  Madame Rodriguez, and Coach Smith:)



The next sport we offer is Track and Field which is mandatory for all grade 4 and 5 students. We will be training during school hours and the students will have the opportunity to race in all of the running races except for the 800m. The long distance 800m will be open for our fall cross country team members since they have already participated in endurance training. In addition to the running races, your child may also sign up for one field event . This year the track meet will be on Tuesday, June 4th and students will transported to Rotarty Stadium by school bus.