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News: Friday, April 12th, 2019

Ninja Warrior Training

Sandy Hill Suns have participated in a "Ninja Warrior Training" activity on the gymnastics apparatus this week. Below is a picture of the white board showing the records by grade at the conclusion of the week. I was particularly impressed this year with their planking times, check them out:) Chin up bar - arms completely straight in between chin ups Monkey bar - how many times back and forth without any base of support at any time Cargo net - how many times to the top bar touching the red mat on the bottom every time Box Horse - how many times passing and catching the medicine ball while on top of box Balance Beam - how many times can you switch places on the beam with partner Peg board - who can get to the top?  Ropes - who can get to the top?  Plank - how long... bottom down and head up Parallel Bars - front support - how long can you hold yourself up with arms only

Your kids are great. Some of them may be sore...especially arms and core:)

Coach Smith

Physical Education Specialist - Sandy Hill Elementary