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Grade 5 Information

Grade 5 is a wonderful year full of added responsibility for our students.  Along with that go some field trips that are bigger and longer than the students have experienced through the other grades as well as some celebrations at year’s end. The main field trips will be:

  • Grade 5 leaving Ceremony June 26th 1:10pm
  • Waterslides- Grade 4 and Grade 5 classes June 28th

Last year the PAC generously donated $2000 towards the cost of the camp.  (This amount is decided on based on the number of students in grade 5 for the year, which fluctuates from year to year.)  

The PAC also donated $1800 towards the cost of the Grade 5 t-shirts for the students.  Thank you to the volunteers that sourced and distributed the t shirts!  

Any school wide year end events need to be cleared through the school admin. Please save the ball gowns for high school graduation!!  

 As a thank you to the students for all of their help and leadership over the school year, a lunch is provided to them in June.  This is put on by the school and the PAC.

Any information that is going out to families needs to be run past our principal (Marie Vandalfsen).  Thanks!

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