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PAC Meeting & Understanding ADHD Presentation

PAC Meeting at 6:30pm

Understanding ADHD: A View From the Inside

Tues, Feb 19 7pm - 9pm

We are excited to host an evening with well-known speaker and counsellor, Ted Leavitt, to dive deeper into an understanding of ADHD.

Living with ADHD is a presentation for parents, caregivers, and educators and is designed to increase understanding of ADHD and its impact on the emotional and mental health of all those who struggle to fit inside the box when they appear to be most comfortable well outside the box. Going beyond observable symptoms, this presentation takes you inside the lived experience of being the square peg in the round hole, searching for answers and solutions. Attendees can expect to laugh and learn and come away with specific information and strategies that will help to ease the burden and release the joy that can come with living with ADHD.

Please visit this link to sign up

Location: MPR