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Blog: Monday, February 11th, 2019

Happy Winter Everyone!

by Marie VanDalfsen - Principal, Sandy Hill Elementary

Just a reminder to exercise caution when driving in and around the school grounds. Just last week, prior to the snow fall, a parent rear-ended a staff member arriving to work. The staff member reported the parent indicated she had been on her phone at the time. Luckily the staff member was not hurt and the damage to her car was minimal. We urge each of you to resist the urge to check your phone while waiting for light changes or while  waiting for the lengthy parking lot line up to move. Children are often focused on their end objective and are not as aware of traffic as we would like them to be. Children often dart through traffic, particularly in parking lots where they trust they are observed and safe. We are reminding students regularly to walk on sidewalks, to look both ways before crossing roads, and think of safety and not of fun!

We also ask that you send your children to school dressed for the weather and we will strive to remind them to actually wear their gear! On that note, our lost and found box has been over flowing with lost or mis-placed clothing. Please do take the time to check it out for those missing coats, shoes, hoodies.

We encourage children to play in the snow. Due to the challenge of managing 550+ students in a snowball melee, we let students know that snowball play is for home time and not for school time. We also encourage students to use their magic carpets on our little hill if they are dressed for the weather (snow gear and helmets) although we do close the hills once the mud shines through or if other safety concerns emerge.

Our snow removal crews have been busy clearing the parking lots and sidewalks. Please do exercise caution when walking on your way to and from the school. Should you encounter slippery areas, consider walking in the snow alongside the slippery area whenever possible. Please do not hesitate to advise the office of any unsafe conditions you encounter on the school grounds.

Thank you for your support in helping us keep everyone safe!