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Winter Weather Reminders

Please make sure that your child has appropriate outerwear for our Winter weather. Students go outside at recess and lunch time even when it’s raining, windy, or cold. Please make sure that they come to school with a warm jacket, proper footwear and perhaps gloves, scarves and toques as well. We only stay inside during heavy rain. Getting fresh air and some physical activity is an important part of their day…. rain, snow or shine!

If students wish to go sledding during school recess, providing conditions are acceptable, they may do so on crazy carpets, garbage bags, or snow pants - helmets are required.  Any type of rigid sled is not allowed.

During the late fall and winter months, weather conditions might cause a school or schools to shut down. The Superintendent of Schools has authority, on behalf of the Board, to temporarily close a school or schools. A number of factors go into this decision, including: student safety, the conditions of roads near schools, school grounds, school bus routes, and whether facilities are fully operational. The decision to close a school is made in a timely manner, as circumstances allow. For more details and how to stay updated please visit the district website.

Current until: Friday, March 1st, 2019
Posted: Wednesday, January 9th, 2019